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History of Nepal Deprived Women Uplift Center (NDWUC)   

I, Mrs. Rajan Biswakarma, founder and chairperson of Nepal Deprived Women Uplift Center, Kathmandu, Nepal. I was born in a poor and uneducated family with a brother and two sisters in Khotang, Nepal. My parents already died when I was born. Neighbors helped me grow up to 12 years of age. There were two children where I was taken by a family who goes to school but I wasn’t allowed to school due to lower cast. When I tried to go school I was forcibly taken out and beaten badly because I was poor and lower cast. I was fallen apart and got unconscious for 3 hours because of heavy bleeding. So I can’t fulfill my passion for study. I got married very early at the age of 12. Women are meant to stay at home, clean the house, cook, raise the children, and above all; serve men. When I was 20, I was mother of 4 children’s. Untouchability was very usual in my villa...